It’s Not a Crying Shame for a Man

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Stay Out of the Box.

It’s common to see men refuse or denounce the benefits of crying. Letting the waterworks go, in moments of deep change, anger, and upsetting situations, is beneficial for the eventual ease of mind. Crying transfers the internalization of hidden pain and suffering into an external form with a finite shelf life, made of tears and raw emotion. The soul cleansing of crying is not new-age medicine or a jab at your sexual orientation, not that such judgements even matter. Bottling it all up, or even worse, using physical violence as catharsis does not lead to the results that we want for ourselves. It should not be a social stigma against males to outright show vulnerability and fragility at the most hurt times in our lives.

The fear of showing “weakness” when men cry is a common and pervasive idea because people believe that crying is evidence to suggest that men…

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