This Post Is For Someone Special- You!

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This Post Is For Someone Special- You!

I am feeling that feeling when you know you must write about something, and you try to put it off, but everything in my life is pointing to the same thing. I cannot avoid this any longer. This is one of those posts that you can either write 5 pages or just a paragraph on. Today I will give the short version. Nevertheless, very important this life lesson is, so please do think on it and share.
We often say we do not gossip, or have favorites but are we really being honest? I read a wonderful quote from a friend of mine yesterday that kind of hits home on this topic.

” Don’t tell me what they said about me, tell me why they felt so comfortable telling you”

If you think that one through, you may end up as red faced as I did. Yep, I have found…

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