End of the Month Blog Review – April

The Story of a Guy

Well hello there to all my new followers and anyone who reads my blog secretly. I see you!


So, we’ve made it another month! How does it feel? Good I hope.

This month was a crazy month for me, in a good way though. I participated in my first NaPoWriMo 30 Poems 30 Days. Though I slacked on some weeks I think I came back pretty strong.

Read my Top 5 Best poems from NaPoWriMo below (Well 6):

  1. Accept Me!
  2. Support
  3. His Love/Her Love
  4. Breakdown
  5. Make me Smile

This month I reached over 1,000 likes on my blog! That is just amazing in its self! Currently over 1,200!

4-3-2014 11-30-45 AM

This month I’ve also reach over 200 followers! Yes, 200! That is just amazing!!! Currently at 235! Thank you all!


With that comes all the amazing awards I’ve received from you guys! Thank you for all of your love on my…

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