Anything to do with animals is always good.

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5 minutes more please

Today has been a busy day but a rather productive one, so that is always a good thing. I feel exhausted now, kind of like that group of ducks (flock of ducks?? Gaggle of ducks? Anyway you get the picture), that waddled across the busy road this afternoon ever so slowly and nearly caused a major accident.

It’s not something you see everyday, and aside from one idiot who obviously has no regard for animal life nor his own life, judging by the way he sped past narrowly missing one of our friends. Everyone else was happy to wait a couple of minutes while these amusing birds waddled on by.

The ducks certainly brought a smile to our faces, and just reaffirmed what I already know to be true, and that is it that anything that has to do with animals is always good.

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