To start the day …. SOAR!!!

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It Is What It Is

~~May 3, 2014~~

Good thoughts to start the day with.

Today is a rainy day here in my neck of the woods. Gray, muggy, stormy, humid.

Interesting that as a parallel to my life, stormy circumstances have been surrounding me as of lately.

I will try to be like the Eagle, avoid the storm by flying above it.

I will soar above it all!! 

Facts about eagles

There are more than 60 different species of eagle.

Eagles are different from many other birds of prey mainly by their larger size, more powerful build, and heavier head and beak. Most eagles are larger than any other raptors apart from vultures.
Eagles have unusual eyes. They are very large in proportion to their heads and have extremely large pupils. Eagles’ eyes have a million light-sensitive cells per square mm of retina, five times more that a human’s 200,000. While humans see just…

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Dutch, Pothead, Married since 1999, once homeless officially homed since uh...I guess somewhere around 2006. Music lover (anything but techno) Animal friend (in general, dogs and cats more specific, wolves rule though), Happy (most of the time) Pacifist, optimist but also sarcastic, cynical and philosopher (big word, if I find a better one....) oh... Gamer, PC freak, Software junky, bottom level hacker (lol i can "hack" some of my games but t.b.h others did the work, I just apply their knowledge) all around "can you fix my pc Martin" guy did I mentioned married?

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