The Pages Explained. important read

The Pages Explained. important read

Hi all, here is a short breakdown on the pages this group can make use of and what they are for.

First of the Facebook group page. This is the heart of the group, we come together here to post our blog links for the group members to visit your blogs. Of course it is encouraged that you do not only post our links but that you also check out some links posted by others (the sharing part so to speak)

There is the like page. This page is mainly focused on those without a blog and that became members because they are here to find many interesting links. These people can’t obviously not follow the blog page through the follow button, same goes for those with a or third party hosted blogs. The like page is linked to the blog and all posts are automatically posted to that page. See it as the facebook version of the WordPress Reader.

There is the blog page, the soul of this all. Here reblogs will be posted. These are posted from several sources. The links posted here, random blogs from the follower list, random blogs from (in my case) the Reader. Not all followers have facebook so it is worth to check the blog on a regular basis for new interesting authors.

Additionally we have a Google+ page and a twitter account which should also be a sort of reader and might also attract new bloggers and readers.
the google plus page is and the twitter handle is @theblogatorium. The more we share this together the more this group will work to the benefit of us all.

I hope I have explained this a bit to all. You can always check at the top of the pages where you currently are.

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    For those that already follow, are member of the Facebookgroup, are reading this while not connected to or facebook but want a way to keep track and for those interested what the heck I am talking about


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