Education Is Key! School Is… – ~Play With LifE~

I Made it through High School and 13 days of University, before

making the best decision of my life.  By giving my student loan back

and living my vision, which is travelling the world and being in control of my time.

You see… I didn’t have a plan when I started, I just knew…

…believed in my self and stayed consistent with my vision.  

Did I leave University and never work a day in my life?

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Dutch, Pothead, Married since 1999, once homeless officially homed since uh...I guess somewhere around 2006. Music lover (anything but techno) Animal friend (in general, dogs and cats more specific, wolves rule though), Happy (most of the time) Pacifist, optimist but also sarcastic, cynical and philosopher (big word, if I find a better one....) oh... Gamer, PC freak, Software junky, bottom level hacker (lol i can "hack" some of my games but t.b.h others did the work, I just apply their knowledge) all around "can you fix my pc Martin" guy did I mentioned married?

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