North Korea: The home of Human Rights abuses

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The Supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un

     The rate and degree of human rights abuse in North Korea is alarming; more shocking is the fact that these violations are being carried out by the Government against its own people.

How can a Government commit such atrocities against its own people?
       United Nations inquiry has just concluded that the range and scope of abuse of North Korea’s 25 million citizens is beyond what many imagined.
The regime is accused of committing crimes against humanity including the extermination, starvation and enslavement of its population.
    The are about 80,000 to 120,000 people in torture camps which consists those trying to flee the country, Christians or others seen as promoting ‘subversive’ beliefs, anyone viewed as ‘anti-government’ and political prisoners. The situation of torture in these camps are horrific: execution, enslavement, starvation, rape and forced abortion. The UN report is remarkable…

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