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My front door swings open, it’s my teenage son. Backpack hanging off his left shoulder, shirt unbuttoned and a very blah “HI, I am home”, comes out of his mouth. He is, so over it!  Shoes, jackets, wrappers, pencils, or whatever else is on his person, hit my front entrance floor as if he is a teenage tornado. Within minutes my daughter of 12 opens the door. Her entrance much different. She quickly and particularly puts all of her items away in a mannerly  fashion. They are home from school. 


This is when the fun begins, no, no it doesn’t, actually this is when I feel my whole attitude changes. I truly am happy to see them, they are the light of my day but the thorn in my side.  My once quiet and clean house has now become, loud, messy and a barrage of questions. My son, whom I might add, is 14 and almost 6 feet tall, is ALWAYS HUNGRY! “What is there to eat?” Is a question that comes out of his mouth, about every fifteen minutes. Why, I think, can you not look in the fridge, or the cupboard? I don’t change the location of where I keep the food, ever!  – 

via We Are Strong, Together We Are Stronger!  – newworldmom @blogirl.

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