Craniotomy and Sinus Disease Anyone??

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CATSHIELDS - Before and After

 It’s been 13 days since I had my Craniotomy for severe, chronic left frontal sinus disease and I am beyond thrilled that it’s over with!!  Nothing like agonizing over this type of surgery for several months to lose a few pounds, or gain (I eat when I stress), get a proper Will done and make sure all of your business is in order…..just in case!!  I mean I should have already had those things in place, so it was time!!  And then there was no ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ have this operation………. it was more like how fast could they assemble their ‘Dream Team’ to get me in as I was extremely sick and just getting sicker.  

Just imagine a sinus headache (left side only) where the pain is like a hot poker and radiates everywhere or your worst migraine, tons of pressure because there’s a whole bunch…

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