Poetry Prompt #22: Love my child

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The Blurred Line

love my child

A poem that describes the feeling of love to a child.

 Love, my child

Is a many faceted thing

Like the prism in your window

It can cover the world in rainbows

Or cloud the sky with rain

Love my child

Is a strange thing

Like rain in the sunshine

A sweet burst of cotton candy

Or a bitter pill to swallow

Love, my child

Is not all it seems to be

It’s sunshine and storms

Slow shooting stars

And volcanic eruptions

Love, my child

Moves at its own pace

It can be slow and lazy

Or fast and desperate

Depending on the hour

Love, my child

Is the roots that keep you anchored

The wind that lets you fly

It’s the tears you will weep

And an angel by your side

Love, my child

Is a dangerous thing

It can promise salvation

And deliver damnation

Treat it with care

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