El Principe Mendigo

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A collection of epic poems whose central focus is an irrelevantly famous raconteur.

El Principe Mendigo

The Prelude

“I plead with paradise to allow me to enter

When I stand before the curves that form the gates of that venerable palace.

She will not resist, and the barriers shall fall to the side;

As if struck by the mightiest of gales and the most gentle of breezes at once.

But I linger at the invitation, it is the call of something more definite;

Then I find myself capable of committing to.

I came only to rest my weary lovelorn soul at the extremities of your comfort.

Anything more and you would swallow me whole;

I would be consumed by the light of your being,

Enraptured by your perfection, a devotee to your very existence.

I am now too addicted to my pains to be worthy of your paradise.

Allow me just a gaze through the gates of your gardens.

Those gold leafs are…

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