12 Bar Blues

Awesome poetry!

Syl65's Blog

The day seems a little longer

Without you

Some things are just out-of-place

Without you

God tells me “hold on, be strong”

Pulling off at the nearest exit

Every radio station playing the same song

The one that says “we belong, we belong, we belong, together”

Perfect weather for it

It’s cold outside

Wishing you were by my side

To keep each other warm

Hot coffee only leaving a bad after taste

Maybe because I’m feeling the time is going to waste

Without you

So I’ll hold on and be strong

Keep on singing this song

“We belong, we belong, we belong”


Weather permitting

I’m going to stare at the sky

Imagining I can fly

Without cape or wings

By extraordinary means

Into your arms

Rest my head on your heart

This is peace and how the day should end

This is love and  how the day should start


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