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As you might know I am an “informal caregiver” (also called voluntary or family caregiver) for my wife. She is bound to wheelchair and bed basically and needs help with some of the things “we healthy” people take for granted like getting washing/showering, getting dressed, getting to the toilet, cleaning, cooking.. well basically all the things you do in and around the house. Of course the household things, well I think there are a lot of mothers out there that have to do them alone as well. You want your house clean and tidy, you want clean clothes and nice food. Shopping has to be done and so on and so on.

However living with a disabled person takes of course much more of you then just the household chores. Like I said, there are the hygiene parts as washing and going to the toilet. There is traveling of course…

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Oklahoma Botches Premeditated Murder

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United States Hypocrisy


While the news media has rightly focused the better part of a week covering the deplorable statements made by career-racist Donald Sterling, it seemed as if the legalized double-lynching of two African American men scheduled to take place in Oklahoma Tuesday night was about to go virtually unnoticed. That was, until the State of Oklahoma completely botched the execution of one of the men and failed to succeed in covering their tracks. The first inmate, after being lethally injected, experienced what can only be described in the words of  the U.S. Constitution as “cruel and unusual punishment”. Now the other inmate will spend the next two weeks wondering whether or not he will be made to suffer the same agonizing ordeal.

Regardless of what the State of Oklahoma claims in the aftermath of its flubbed execution, that such an atrocity was likely to occur didn’t come without plenty of warning. That this was a potential…

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