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Just Patty is a Dutch author who writes Fantasy and Poetry. She models and photographs and has a curious spirit.

NaPoWriMo day 22: Lost and Found


Dedicated to a dear friend…

Lost and Found

Lost & Found


Life can be cruel

But sometimes it’s kind

What you once lost

Again you’ll find


Never let go again

Just, hold on tight

Worth to protect

With all your might


So many years until

I could call you friend

Now I hope

You’ll stay to the end


Lost you once

On a splitting track

But miracles happen

I’m glad to have you back

Just Patty

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Throwback Thursday: Battling A Memory Monster

An article about PTSD. Please read and try to understand instead of judge. ❤


On ‘Throwback Thursdays’ I want to share some older Poems and post of mine. I hope you will enjoy!

Today I want to share an article with you I wrote some time ago entitled ‘Battling A Memory Monster’.


It’s an article about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome)

I think it’s very important to know that a lot of people are battling this. Especially around the Holidays! 

Not just veterans, but also victims of violence, abuse and other traumatic experiences.

I have severe PTSD myself and I want to give the people who are battling this, and any other mental condition, a voice, strength and support.

Please, read it. It might give you a better understanding of something that is not visible.


Don’t Judge, Just Care.

Lots of Love,

Just Patty

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12 Bar Blues

Awesome poetry!

Syl65's Blog

The day seems a little longer

Without you

Some things are just out-of-place

Without you

God tells me “hold on, be strong”

Pulling off at the nearest exit

Every radio station playing the same song

The one that says “we belong, we belong, we belong, together”

Perfect weather for it

It’s cold outside

Wishing you were by my side

To keep each other warm

Hot coffee only leaving a bad after taste

Maybe because I’m feeling the time is going to waste

Without you

So I’ll hold on and be strong

Keep on singing this song

“We belong, we belong, we belong”


Weather permitting

I’m going to stare at the sky

Imagining I can fly

Without cape or wings

By extraordinary means

Into your arms

Rest my head on your heart

This is peace and how the day should end

This is love and  how the day should start


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Share Your World: Week 46

Chasing Destino

On a vacation what you would require in any place that you sleep? 

A bed.  A bathroom with a shower. A room with a jacuzzi would be awesome.

Music or silence while working?

Music of course.


If you were to move and your home came fully furnished with everything you ever wanted, list at least three things from your old house you wish to retain?

Natural light. Purple walls. Big backyard.


What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?

Jet ski or the bus. I dislike both for different reasons.


Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Glad I got to go somewhere with a jacuzzi. Still hoping that my knee heals sooner than later. We also might have a new furry addition to the family – if we can talk Lucas into it. 🙂 And…

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A Poetrics for today: Somewhere

A Poetrics for today!


I actually had forgotten about this song a bit until a friend sent it to me.

When I listened closely to the lyrics, I knew I had to make a Poetrics of this amazing song because it’s just so beautiful and filled with so much emotion.

(On this PAGE, you can find some more information about ‘Poetrics’)


Note: The lyrics always stay the property of the band or artist who wrote them. All the credit goes to them.

My poetry is written in White, the Lyrics are written in Blue.

Click HERE to listen to the song.

The lyrics of ‘Somewhere’ by Within Temptation

Lost in the darkness, hoping for a sign

Instead there is only silence

can’t you hear my screams?

Never stop hoping, need to know where you are

But one thing is for sure

you’re always in my heart

I’ll find you somewhere

I’ll keep on trying…

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Please vote for me!!!

Please check out this post and help me win! 🙂
Lots of love ❤


Hey everyone, I need your HELP!

My Dutch fantasy novel Drägan Duma – Zij Die Hoort got nominated for a fantasy award! 🙂


Isn’t that just awesome?! 🙂

Of course it would be some great publicity if I won since I am a debut writer.

That’s why I need your help!

PLEASE VOTE for my book by following the steps below.

It will only take about 10 to 15 minutes of your time and I would be eternally grateful! ❤

Thank you!


Click this LINK , it will take you to the website you can vote on. Scroll down until you see this:


Click the big, black balk that’s labeled ‘verder’. (continue)


You will get on a page that looks like this:

stem2When you click on the first box that says ‘Titel 1’, you will get in a screen with the covers of the books you can vote on.

step 3


Click on my…

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Important announcement: new page!

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We have listed them on THIS page, so all of our members can find them easily and share some Love! (or Likes for that matter) 😉

Check them out, push that ‘Like’ button and if you want to be listed here as well, send the Mod Squad an email containing the url to your Like Page: shareyourwpblog@gmail.com


Lots of Love

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