Blog Reviews

To All followers and future followers.

If you are listed on the blog followers page, you are eligible for a blog review. I must say that when it comes to reviewing a blog, this is a new challenge for me. This is how it will work.

I will go to and use the random number generator to get a random number between 1 and the number of followers we have. The number that I get I will count from top to bottom (say 7 comes up) and make a blog review about the person that is listed there (in the case of 6 that would be Kyangel17 from

I will of course make a list of blogs that already received a review and if their number would come up again, the dice will roll again.

I will try to make at least one review each week and they can be found on a seperate page by hovering over the menu entry in the black bar for this page, a drop down will appear and you can make your choice there.

I hope this will provide you with a new and easy way to discover new blogs and make new friends.



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