kyangel17: Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

kyangel17's Blogpage

kyangel17’s Blogpage

In her about she tells a bit about herself, she writes

I’m a somewhat normal person, living with MS, getting around as best I can with the daily train wrecks life throws at me, and laughing my head off (mostly) at the results. Sometimes I just land on my head, but then get up and laugh because I can. Once I landed on my shoulder. That time I needed help getting up. I guess I’ll have to follow my son’s advice and just keep hitting my head if I fall, because that is the hardest part of my body. And some day I’m going to take my cast iron skillet and hit my son on his head to see if his head is as hard as mine.

Kyangel is a blogger and uses a customized oxygen theme, the main page shows short excerpts from her posts. The overall feel of this blog is that of a personal journal. Kyangel tells you all about the things she does, her past and present. She will tell you about her shopping and her powerchair.

I also noticed that she will classify each title that she uses as category and that only the uncategorized category has multiple entries. This makes the search for a certain blog fairly easy although I am afraid that with time, this list of categories will become a bit long.

I counted 22 awards in her sidebar, among them are “the versatile blogger award” (three times) , “the blog of the year award 2013” (twice), “The Angel Award” (twice if I seen it correctly) and “the seed of light award”

Give this woman a visit, say hello and hit the follow button. She has interesting posts enough to keep you off the streets for a few.

I have made an “Award” for those that get a review. It is appreciated if the award is shown on the blog sidebar or on a separate award page and that it is linked to your review page.

review award


4 thoughts on “kyangel17: Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

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  2. Thank you so much for this honor. I am totally blown away by this as it is completely unexpected and just WOW! Been lying around fighting an infection and ready to give up, but now you have breathed new life in me, so the fight will go on.


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