How to get the most out of your group membership

How to get the most out of your group membership

and what is requested in return

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1: post your blog links as soon as you can, you are allowed to post the same link a few times a day.

2: Have your blog link posted under the about page of your Facebook profile, it can help others to find your blog when you are just commenting or haven’t posted a blog link for a while

3: keep an eye on the pinned post, we post important information there and blog links to our own blog. On our own blog we reblog posts of members, posts are chosen at random, certain conditions apply.

4: Become a follower on our group blog, this way you will get updates right in your dashboard.

About our blog

As you might have seen we have started a blog at the address

We have this blog for several reason..Of course the need to be able to update you all on the current state of our group, it’s a quick place to find the rules and like mentioned earlier it is used to reblog posts from our group members. I was talking about the conditions to be able to get reblogged.

A: Your blog link must be easy to find, you can do this in three ways

  • Have it on your Gravatar profile

  • have it on your Facebook about page

  • become a follower of the blog

B: You must post your post links to the Facebook page on a regular base, we understand some write more and some write less but we are all volunteers and can’t be busy with finding all reblog posts ourselves, we need your participation with that.

Increase your chances

Make your post interesting If you are a photographer try to avoid to post only single image posts, throw in a 3 or 4 image once in a while or tell something about the picture. Of course your Photo’s should stay the center of your blog. When we reblog a post a certain part of the blog is visible, people need to go to your own blog to read the rest, having very short single image blogs or blogs with just a short text might be posted in it’s entirely and won’t increase your traffic much.

About the group and the Mod Squad


This group is founded by Martin  as a means of helping bloggers to “see and be seen”, He has gathered a team of 5 others around him to help him moderate the blog and group. We are called the Mod Squad and the members are

We answer questions, reblog posts and keep this group running to the best of our abilities

The reason it is a closed group is so we can make sure to you that the group will be free of advertisers, illegal content like porn or hack or crack sites and “hustlers”.

The success of this group stands or falls by how the members take part. Besides posting your own links I think it’s kind of obvious that we all are expected to visit a number of these blogs, follow those that are interested and maybe even post a comment if you feel generous 😉 The same goes with the group blog, the more followers it gains and the more they visit, the more reblogs will be seen and visited.

We are in this together, we from the Mod Squad can only give you the tools, it’s up to us all to keep this working.

On behalf of the entire Mod Squat, thank you for reading. Please follow, share, reblog to your heart’s content, heck you might even click the Facebook Like widget in the sidebar if you like our group 🙂



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